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Model: 71SS00BK

Compatible with most push-button swivel mounting points (including those featured on our Rail Mount Sling Adapter or AR-15 Quad Rail Forends), these swivels allow the operator to quickly attach or detach the sling from the weapon.

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Model: 71RA00BK

Mount this adapter to an existing rifle swivel stud and gain a Picatinny rail section for mounting accessories, all without losing your front swivel stud!

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Constructed of premium steel, our LOK-DOWN™ sling swivels are precision-machined and assembled to exacting tolerances for maximum performance and quiet carry. A positive locking mechanism keeps the swivel attached to the gun until you remove it.

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Model: 70SW16BK

These flush-mount rear and forend bases glue in place to provide push-button sling swivel attachment points.

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Model: 98HM00BK

Our Heavy-Duty Snap Hooks feature robust construction that won't let you down when lives are on the line.

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