Heather Miller

Born and raised in south Texas to a military and law enforcement family, Miller's passion for firearms started at the age of four under the mentorship of her father. Since then, she's become one of the top female shooters in the United States, representing Team USA at the 2019 International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) World Rifle Championship in Sweden and at the 2018 IPSC World Shotgun Championship in France, where she took silver. Over her 12 years of competitive shooting, she has won numerous matches and events. She actively competes in 3-Gun, USPSA and PRS, and is currently moving into more tactical-focused events such as the Tactical Games and the Gryphon Group Rumble. In addition to Blackhawk, Miller represents Benelli, Lone Star Armory and Staccato, which partnered with Blackhawk in 2020 to develop T-Series Red Dot Sight (RDS) Level 2 and Level 3 retention duty holsters specifically designed for Staccato 2011 handguns.Outside the competitive arena, Miller has been carrying for defense for 14 years and gives back to her community by teaching concealed carry and firearms clinics, as well as supporting local and national 2A efforts.

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Travis Kennedy

Born and raised in Southern California, Travis joined the Navy in 2006 with the goal of becoming a Navy SEAL. After graduating from SEAL training, he went onto complete the Special Operations Combat Medic course. From there, he was stationed at SEAL Team Four where he completed two successful combat deployments to Afghanistan. He then went on to become a Basic Underwater Demolition/Seal (BUD/s) instructor and was able to develop and mentor future SEALs. Being an instructor was one of the most rewarding times of his career. After his time as an instructor, he returned to SEAL Team Four and completed another deployment while simultaneously completing his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. Shortly after, he served as the leading Chief Petty Officer running the Special Operations Urban Combat training division. In this role, he focused on urban combat tactics, combat shooting, and professional development. In April 2019, he separated from the military in order to follow his next calling of giving back, teaching, and mentoring others so they may grow individually and professionally. He does this by applying his 11 years of experience as a United States NAVY SEAL to educate and train individuals on defensive shooting tactics and instilling the “Thinking Shooter” mindset.

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Todd Jarrett

Todd Jarrett is a 16-time US National Champion, 4-time World Champion, and holds hundreds of regional, state, and area championships in USPSA, 3 Gun, Steel Challenge, and IDPA. Todd is the only USPSA Triple Crown Winner winning the Open Nationals, Limited Nationals, and World Championship in the same year. With his 38 years on the range and banging out over 6 million rounds, it only made sense to communicate and get involved with the Firearms Industry. Working with some of the biggest named companies in the industry has led to hundreds of new product designs over the years from firearms, firearms parts, ammunition, holsters, slings, pouches, targets systems, lasers, scopes, red dots, and range development. Many of those developments and designs are still currently used in law enforcement, military, and by civilians today. Throughout Todd's years of experience, he has been involved in television, sales, marketing, and training of dealers and distributors worldwide. Firearms training has been a passion of his, and he is constantly adapting and advancing training techniques. For decades, Todd has worked with Law Enforcement, Elite Military Units, Government Agencies, and civilians. Todd is driven to make the modern warriors be the best he or she can be. Be sure to follow Todd on Facebook!


Tony Sentmanat

Tony Sentmanat is a Marine Corps Veteran and retired Law Enforcement SWAT Operator with over 20 years of Real World experience. He is a life long practitioner in Mixed Martial Arts with extensive experience as a Law Enforcement Combative's Trainer and has been a Firearms Instructor for over 19 years. Tony also has 19 years of experience as a functional strength and conditioning trainer specializing in functional fitness for combat athletes. Upon finishing his military service he started his law enforcement career as a State Correctional Officer, and then quickly transferred to become a Law Enforcement Officer. Tony spent most of his career in SWAT where he was involved in over 800 real world operations before retiring early in 2016. Throughout his years of service Tony gained extensive experience in undercover surveillance, tactical operations, fugitive recovery, crime investigations and worked many high profile cases with Federal Agencies from around the country. In 2016 he retired from Law Enforcement to pursue is life long dream of starting his own business, where he has been able to share with the world the experiences he has gained throughout his life and career.

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