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The Tactical Games:
2023 Platinum Sponsor


We are proud to return as a sponsor of the Tactical Games for 2023, supporting the games as they continue to grow in the upcoming year. Along with our support of the games, we will be sponsoring Tactical Games athletes Zach Rodman and Ehea Schuerch.

Blackhawk sponsored Tactical Games athlete Zach Rodman competing in the games

Meet Zach Rodman

Blackhawk Sponsored Tactical Games Athlete

We’re proud to be sponsoring tactical athlete Zach Rodman. Throughout the competition, Rodman is running Blackhawk’s T-Series holster and Foundation Series Tac Nylon suite of gear. Rodman is a lieutenant on the Kokomo, Indiana drug task force team. He’s also a family man, coaches his son’s baseball team, and is a pillar in his community.

My name is Zach Rodman and I have competed in The Tactical Games since 2019. I’ve been a police officer in Indiana for 16 years. I’m currently assigned as a Lieutenant to the drug task force. I’ve spent 8 years in narcotics as well as being a member of our SWAT team for the last 14 years.

The Tactical Games is the ultimate testing ground for equipment and skills. After competing in Mississippi and North Carolina in 2019, it was apparent that I needed to make changes to my gear. Since fine tuning my equipment, I’ve found that the minimalist design of the Foundation Series hits the sweet spot of functionality, durability, and mobility as well as hovering around an affordable price point. The T-Series L3D is also an everyday staple on duty as well as on our team.


2023 Podium Finishes

Zach Rodman competing and holding a trophy

2nd Place Finish

New Mexico Event

Zach took 2nd place in the Men’s Elite division at the 2023 Tactical Games New Mexico Regional event. This event took place March 4-5 at the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, New Mexico.

Zach Rodman and Jared Halbert participating in the Soith Carolina Teams Event

1st Place Finish

South Carolina Event

Zach Rodman and teammate Jared Halbert took 1st Place in the men’s division in a grueling teams event in South Carolina. The event took place at the SawMill Training Complex in Laurens, South Carolina.

Blackhawk sponsored Tactical Games athlete Ehea Schuerch competing in the games

Meet Ehea Schuerch

Blackhawk Sponsored Tactical Games Athlete

Ehea is currently running the Foundation Series Plate Carrier and T-Series L3D. Ehea competes in the Women's Elite division and continues to amaze and inspire The Tactical Games community.

My name is Ehea Schuerch I am 34 years old. I was born and raised in Spokane, WA. I have worked as Corrections Officer at the Spokane County Jail for 8 years and I have been a Defensive Tactics Instructor for nearly 7 years. I am also a member of the jail's specialty team known as CRT, as the only female ever to make the team.

I have been an athlete my entire life, and knew from an early age God had gifted me with athletic abilities. 2016 was when I began my competitive career in sports like CrossFit and Hyrox. Since 2022 I switched to a new up and coming sport known as The Tactical Games. Last year I qualified to The Tactical Games National Championship in Florence, TX where I took 2nd place out of 15 elite women.

With this new arena of competition as my focus and the everyday life of working as a CO, I knew I needed to have the best equipment for the job. I wanted gear that was SOLID, built tough, reliable, innovative and with its consumer, like me, in mind. I began using the BlackHawk Foundation Series Plate Carrier at first. I needed something strong but light. I wanted a minimalist approach to my carrier that gave me an advantage by giving me the ability to make my movements more efficient. Then I began using the T-Series holsters, I found that Blackhawk has THE fastest holsters I have ever used! I love both my L3D and T-Series L2D. Both are smokin’ fast!

Little by little I added more Blackhawk gear to my setup and really began to appreciate the craftsmanship that went into making each piece. I have added the Blackhawk Multi-Point Slings, T-Series Jacket Slot Leg Strap Adapter and Foundation Series Tactical Belt to my competition kit. When I am out competing at a Tactical Games event I can mentally stay focused on the task at hand because I have confidence in my gear to get me through without failure.

I am honored to represent a company like Blackhawk who truly cares about the consumer and making the best product out there. I know that my gear is tough and reliable just as I expect it to be. No matter the environment, or the conditions I put my gear through, it still works flawlessly.


Podium Finishes

Ehea with her first place medal after the event.

1st Place Finish

Mississippi Tactical Games

Ehea Schuerch took first place in the Women's Elite division at the Tactical Games 2023 Mississippi Regional event. The Tactical Games Mississippi Regional took place February 18-19 in Meridian, Mississippi.

Ehea Schuerch competing in The Tactical Games National Championship

2nd Place Finish

2022 National Championship

Ehea Schuerch took 2nd Place in the Women's Elite division at the Tactical Games 2022 National Championship. The event took place in Liberty Hill, TX at the Texas Shooting Academy.

Blackhawk sponsored Tactical Games athlete Jared Halbert competing in the games

Meet Jared Halbert

Blackhawk Sponsored Tactical Games Athlete

"Aaron Hayes, Stephen Le and I own and operate a membership only Gun Range, Texas Shooting Academy where we host monthly 3gun, IDPA, and USPSA matches. My wife and I also own Rattler CrossFit in Liberty Hill, Texas.

Looking for a competitive outlet in 2015, I shot my first pistol match. A few years later, I fractured my back in several places and tore my quad in a UTV accident. After a year of pain killers and gaining 50 pounds, I walked out of the doctor’s office with a new prescription and threw it in the trash. The next week I decided I was going to get strong and lose weight, as painkillers were not going to be a permanent part of my life.

I walked into a CrossFit gym and twelve months later I had lost all the weight, gotten into decent shape, and was pain free. A couple years after starting CrossFit I heard about a new shooting sport called The Tactical Games. TTG filled the competitive need I had in my life and put together two things I loved doing - working out and shooting."

Over the years, Jared Halbert has racked up an impressive competitive resume, with two Men’s Elite National Championships in 2020 and 2021, 11 Elite Regional wins, and 14 total Elite podium appearances. Jared currently runs the T-Series L2C, Foundation Series Plate Carrier and Foundation Series.

Podium Finishes

Jared holding his first place trophy

1st Place Finish - Utah Event


Halbert's impressive performances in 2023 start in Halbert's home state and include Lethal Weapons Texas where Halbert took 4th of 138 in Retro Carbine and 2nd Limited in the Texas 3-Gun Championship, and three impressive 1st Elite wins at The Tactical Games UTAH, The Tactical Games Team Event in South Carolina, and The Tactical Games Co-Ed Team in West Virginia.

2022 Wins include Texas 3-Gun Championship 3rd Limited and 1st Elite Team at The Tactical Games Sniper Challenge.

Halbert racked up more wins in 2021 bringing home 1st Elite at The Tactical Games in Utah and 1st Elite at The Tactical Games National Championship

Jared compeiting in the teams event

1st Place - South Carolina


2020 Wins included The Tactical Games 1st Elite in Mississippi, Burnet, Texas, Cresson, Texas, and 1st Elite at The Tactical Games National Championship! Halbert also scored the 2nd Limited title in the Vortex 3-Gun Championship and 3rd Limited in the Texas 3-Gun Championship.

2019 wins included 1st Elite Titles at The Tactical Games in Mississippi and Texas, 2nd Elite in Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida and 3rd Elite in North Carolina as well as 3rd Open in the Vortex Shooters Source 3-Gun Championship.


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Meet Team Blackhawk

Blackhawk sponsored Tactical Games athlete Callerina Key competing in the games

Callerina Key

Crossfit Athlete

Callerina is currently running the Blackhawk Foundation Series Plate Carrier. New to the world of fitness and firearms, Cal competes in the Women's Elite division and brings a level of competition and grit that makes the women's division one of the most exciting to watch.

Blackhawk sponsored Tactical Games athlete Robert Cole competing in the games

Robert Cole

United States Marine Corps Veteran, Team One Network Trainer

Robert runs the full suite of Foundation Series products, including the plate carrier, belt, pistol and rifle mag pouches, and our T-Series L2C holster. Robert is a valuable member of the Tactical Games community.

Blackhawk sponsored Tactical Games athlete Kati Cole competing in the games

Kati Cole

Team One Network Team Member

Kati runs our Foundation Series plate carrier, belt, pistol and rifle mag pouches, and T-Series L2C holster. Kati is new to the Games and has proven she has the motivation and discipline to excel in the sport. Kati is one of our most loyal patrons and we always enjoy seeing her compete.

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