Your Right 2 Protect


The Blackhawk Your Right 2 Protect (YR2P) initiative has been developed to provide some guidance for new and experienced gun owners; to help you and your families feel confident, prepared, and protected. 

We aim to educate new firearms owners on the various carry positions and help identify which carry position is right for you. Take a look at the carry positions below. 


Checklist for New Gun Owners – USCCA 

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OWB Carry

OWB Carry Options

Your two options for Outside-the-Waistband (OWB) Carry are OWB Hip Carry and OWB Behind-the-Hip Carry.

The OWB Hip Carry is the perfect solution for those who are looking for a way to carry their firearm while still having the ability to move quickly. This carry position leans heavy on speed and light on concealment. Concealment can be achieved by wearing a light jacket or untucked shirt, but a visible outline of the firearm will be more noticeable.

The OWB Hip Carry is an excellent option for those who want to keep their gun close at hand.

The OWB Behind the Hip Carry is one of the most popular ways to carry concealed. This position is most common when carrying under an untucked shirt or light jacket, so it lends itself well to concealment.

When you're wearing a lightweight shirt or no shirt at all, this position allows you to keep your weapon where it's most accessible without having to constantly adjust your clothing.

Suggested OWB Holsters

Top Rated
T-Series L2C is our premier duty-rated and thumb-activated holster with an open top for quicker draws and is compatible with reflex sights.
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The Blackhawk Omnivore is a multi-fit holster that accommodates more than 150 styles of semi-automatic handguns with an accessory rail. The thumb-driven active retention mechanism locks onto our proprietary Rail Attachment Device, not the frame of the handgun.
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IWB Carry

IWB Carry

There are three options available when carrying Inside-the-Waistband (IWB); IWB Hip Carry, IWB Behind-the-Hip Carry, and Appendix Carry. 

Hip carry has been the traditional method of carrying a firearm for many years. It is the most common way to carry a gun in public due to its ability to be easily concealed under clothing. Most people who choose this method of carrying will opt for an inside-the-waistband holster that can be worn on either side of the body depending on their dominant hand.

When concealment is valued over speed and efficiency of draw, IWB Behind-the-Hip Carry position is a good choice. This position offers a deep concealment method that can be used as an alternative to say pocket carry. The draw from behind-the-hip allows the wearer to access the handgun without revealing it. The IWB Behind-the-Hip Carry position is best suited for smaller handguns that are easier to conceal.

Appendix Carry is a more advanced method of carrying a firearm. The holster and firearm are near the center of the body, which allows for fast drawing and easy concealment.

Appendix Carry requires training and practice to become proficient at, but it's also one of the fastest ways to draw from concealment—so if you're looking for a position that will let you respond rapidly in an emergency situation, this may be right for you!

Suggested IWB Holsters

Best Seller
The Stache holster is an ambidextrous and modular inside-the-waistband (IWB) concealed carry holster that’s made in America. This Stache Premium kit comes with the holster, the Magazine Carrier, and Concealment Claw for added value.
$64.95 - $69.95
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TecGrip FormLok is a multi-fit holster designed to mold and retain your firearm for the perfect inside the waistband carry. This technology packed holster system allows the user to thermoform the plastic core of the holster around their firearm to achieve passive retention.
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Alternative Carry

Alternative Carry

When it comes to alternative ways to carrying your firearm, there are four options available: Pocket Carry, Ankle Carry, Fanny Pack or Belly Band Carry. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The Pocket Carry is an excellent choice for .380 and micro 9MM caliber handguns. A good pocket holster will dilute the outline of the handgun to make it appear as a wallet, which can help you avoid drawing attention from other people in public.

Belly band offers many of the advantages of IWB concealed carry but allows the user to accomplish this without the need for pants and a belt. With belly band, you can enjoy the benefits of IWB concealed carry without any of the downsides.

When all other methods of carry aren’t available to you, it's time to get creative. Fanny pack carry is best utilized for trail running, because it can be utilized without having to remove or adjust clothing and gear during a run or hike.

Ankle carry is a very popular way to carry a backup weapon while wearing long pants or skirts. The position is not only convenient but also effective as it provides easy access to your firearm whenever you need it. 

Suggested Alternative Carry

The Blackhawk Stache N.A.C.H.O.™ (Non-Conventional Adaptive Carry Holster Option) was designed to ensure our customers can always be armed; allowing the user to carry their trusted EDC gun and holster at times where you may not be wearing pants and a belt.
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Model: 60SF01BL
The Stache R.A.H.C. (Rapid Access Holster Carrier) was designed for a low profile. Constructed of light weight 200D polyester to lower the users tactical profile, making you look like any other tourist. The RAHC offers the user the ability to carry while out on a run, or while not wearing a belt.
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Made with soft knit fabric, the Nylon Ankle Holster keeps your pistol under wraps while providing comfortable next-to-skin wear.
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