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TecGrip FormLok is a multi-fit holster designed to mold and retain your firearm for the perfect inside the waistband carry. This technology packed holster system allows the user to thermoform the plastic core of the holster around their firearm to achieve passive retention.

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Our popular inside-the-pants design is soft to the touch and easy to draw thanks to its laminate suede-like outer shell and smooth nylon lining.

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The Blackhawk Stache N.A.C.H.O.™ (Non-Conventional Adaptive Carry Holster Option) was designed to ensure our customers can always be armed; allowing the user to carry their trusted EDC gun and holster at times where you may not be wearing pants and a belt.

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Model: 40FB02BK

The Nylon Ambidextrous Flat Belt Holster hugs tight against your body, offering a low-profile carry option.

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This versatile, fully ambidextrous holster gives you the option of belt-mounted or inside-the-pants configurations.

$34.45 - $39.45
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Designed for both civilian and law enforcement concealed carry, the TecGrip outer shell will hold fast to most any material, eliminating the need for a clip. Plus, a higher density, closed-cell foam design offers a comfortable wear and a snug fit.

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The TecGrip® Pocket Holster from Blackhawk keeps your firearm concealed and secure while pocket carrying. The TecGrip Pocket Holster is comfortable, too, thanks to high-density closed cell foam that protects the firearm and conforms easily to your body.

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The TecGrip® Junk Drawer Holster keeps your firearm concealed and secure while also giving you a convenient slot to keep a backup magazine. The outer layer of the Junk Drawer grips most any material and keeps your firearm holstered securely. Thanks to high-density closed cell foam improves comfort.

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Model: 60SF01BL

The Stache R.A.H.C. (Rapid Access Holster Carrier) was designed for a low profile. Constructed of light weight 200D polyester to lower the users tactical profile, making you look like any other tourist. The RAHC offers the user the ability to carry while out on a run, or while not wearing a belt.

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The Nylon Belt Pouch Holster offers deep concealment thanks to a clever design that mimics a camera or tourist pouch. The top zipper can remain open, without revealing the weapon. A discreet hook & loop flap inside the pouch keeps the handgun hidden.

$47.95 - $50.95
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The Nylon Laser Holster conveniently carries popular-sized pistols with most under-barrel laser systems. (Right hand only).

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Model: 40BH00BK

The ambidextrous Nylon Bedside Holster safely holds a wide array of pistols, keeping it at the ready when needed. Constructed of 1000 denier CORDURA® nylon, it features a mounting platform with non-skid material that slips easily between the mattress and box springs.

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