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Model: H9AF3
Does it really smell like the famous Hoppe's #9? You betcha!
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Model: HGV

Use the Hoppe's Gun Vise on a stable surface to secure rifles and shotguns for cleaning and maintenance.

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Model: 1217
Use this wax treated gun cloth to clean, polish and protect wooden stocks in a single application.
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Model: MAT2
Hoppe's gun cleaning mat is designed to protect your working surface from chemicals and debris cleaned out of your firearm.
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Firearm storage has never been easier. Just insert, zip and store your firearm in this bag for the ultimate in rust protection.

$4.45 - $8.45
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Model: 1215

A pretreated cloth to remove rust and lead on any firearm.

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Model: 1218
The Silicone Cloth polishes, cleans and coats surfaces with a protective finish.
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Hoppe's Pistol Cleaning Kits include what you need to clean a pistol - a cleaning rod, cleaner, oil, cleaning rod accessories and patches. Available with a storage box or in disposable packaging.

$16.45 - $17.45
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Model: HCF5

Hoppe's Chamber Flags are visual and physical indicators of an empty chamber while on the range, during transit, or in storage. Available in a pack of five Chamber Flags. 

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Model: 74RB02BK

Constructed of tight-weave, heavyweight 600 denier polyester with thick PVC laminate for stability, this bag features a main internal pocket with dual-slider opening for easy access to contents.

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Model: FC6

Add your cleaning tools to the Hoppe's Ready Roll and keep them organized while you're on range or out in the field.

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Model: HOMS

Dress up your shop with the tradition of Hoppe's with our metal sign.

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