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The Quick Disconnect system allows one holster to be used on multiple platforms. It also provides easy 360-degree adjustments. The holster releases by lifting the quick-disconnect tabs and turning counterclockwise.
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The Blackhawk Knoxx® SpecOps Gen III™ Stock with Recoil Suppression Technology effectively reduces felt recoil by up to 80%, taking the original SpecOps Stock to an even higher level of effectiveness, performance and reliability. Utilizing dual recoil-compensation systems, this rugged synthetic stock improves shooter confidence, reduces muzzle flip, decreases cheek-slap and virtually eliminates harsh recoil. With improved ergonomics and six convenient adjustment positions, any-size shooter can use the SpecOps Stock Gen III comfortably in any application and with any load.
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The Blackhawk Quick Disconnect System allows any Blackhawk injection-molded holster to be used on any injection-molded platform, without the use of tools. Two quick-disconnect tabs secure the holster to the platform.
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Model: 60MP01OD
The S.T.O.M.P.™ Medical Coverage Pack is built to U.S. Navy SEAL Team specifications, to reliably perform in every environment. This jumpable pack is made of 1,000 denier nylon with reinforced stitching.
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Model: 70GS12BK

This unique single-point sling is constructed of high-strength 1.25" wide nylon webbing with an elliptical bungee for comfort and support. It adjusts from 46" to 64" in diameter and also features robust bar tacking and box stitching for maximum strength.

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Model: 70SA00BK

This adapter configures any weapon to acce a single-point sling.

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This lightweight stock takes Ruger 10/22 rifles to the next level of performance, functionality and accuracy by incorporating rugged polymer-reinforced construction, adjustable length-of-pull and non-slip pistol grip.
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Used by Travis Kennedy, former Navy SEAL medic featured in Blackhawk’s No Fail video series, we’ve brought to you the Travis Kennedy EDC Prep Kit. This kit was built from the ground up by Travis himself in partnership with North American Rescue. It has everything you need to keep you prepared on the go.
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Model: 37FS42BK
Another life-saving essential, the Blackhawk Foundation Series Tourniquet Pouch features an elastic body that conforms to your tourniquet for a snug fit and smooth draw. Sized to fit CAT tourniquets, the pouch also includes a front stuff pocket that accommodates latex gloves.
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Supplemental IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) Resupply Kit. Comes with: Hyfin Compact (vented) Twin Pack, Nasopharyngeal Airway Kit, Combat Gauze w/Z-Fold, Emergency Trauma Dressing - 4" (flat), Blue Responder Glove Kit - L, Combat Application Tourniquet
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Model: 90CP01BK
Add this cheek pad to your buttstock to aid in sight alignment and cheek weld.
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Speed Clips™ are designed to mount Speed Clip™ 3800 Series pouches to any S.T.R.I.K.E.® or PALS/MOLLE platform, but can also be used with MOLLE 3700 Series or USA MOLLE 3900 Series pouches. The combat-tested design is constructed of durable, flexible polymer and eliminates tedious weaving.
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