Model: 411700BKR
T-Series L2C Overt Gun Belt Holster Kit
5 out of 5 Customer Rating
Price reduced from $84.96 to $80.71
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Model: 411700BKR

T-Series L2C Overt Gun Belt Holster Kit

Price reduced from $84.96 to $80.71

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T-Series L2C is our premier duty rated, thumb activated, compact holster kit with a jacket slot and leg strap attachment. The T-Series L2C is made for the mission.

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5 out of 5 Customer Rating

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When the time for stealth has passed, enter the T-Series L2C Overt. This holster is designed to find it’s home on your dedicated gun belt, along with your magazine carriers, IFAK’s and dump pouches. A light weight and low profile relative of T-Series L2D, this holster is absent the taller sight track shroud. Instead featuring the same “Speed Cut” geometry found on the L2C. This Speed Cut aids in rapid drawing and re-holstering, as well as making the Overt inherently optic compatible. Boasting duty rated Level 2 active retention, the Overt is designed to keep your handgun secure, even in the most austere conditions. Simply establish your master grip, and the inboard pressure of your thumb releases the retention mechanism. The provided T-Series Jacket Slot lowers the belt ride height of the handgun to a more ergonomically optimal draw-stroke height, while simultaneously helping to clear body armor or other torso worn gear. The provided T-Series Jacket Slot Leg Strap Adapter offers additional stability under dynamic movement that does not restrict the range of motion of the user. This is due to the pivoting leg strap design, inherent to the T-Series Jacket Slot Leg Strap Adapter. This pivoting design allows the holster and weapon to stay consistently vertical on the belt, while allowing the leg strap to pivot with the user’s natural body mechanics as they run, climb or jump. The Overt may be a smaller footprint than larger L2D or L3D variants, but the system is still fully duty rated just like all holsters and accessories that are part of the T-Series family. So, whether you are heading to the range, or something has gone bump in the night, the T-Series L2C Overt is ready for whatever you throw at it.

  • Thumb-Activated Retention
  • Sound-Dampening Lining
  • Durable Exterior & Low-Friction Interior
  • Made in the USA
  • Jacket Slot Belt Loop and Leg Strap Adapter included in the box.
Blackhawk T-Series Master Grip

Master Grip Principle

The T-Series thumb activated mechanism allows for the establishment of the Master Grip which places your hand in a position to draw and acquire your target in the shortest amount of time. Eliminating unnatural motions so that in the situation of drawing your firearm, your holster is the last thing on your mind.

Blackhawk T-Series Duty Rated

Duty Rated

Blackhawk's entire T-Series Holster lineup is rated for duty use. Our engineers designed the T-Series suite of holsters and accessories to withstand rigorous destructive testing and extreme environmental conditions to ensure regardless the environment, T-Series will keep your firearm at the ready. For added security, the thumb activated retention is paired with two guards to prevent anyone except the user from drawing the firearm.

T-Series Injection Molded Holsters

Injection Molded

Blackhawk is the first company to manufacture dual shot injection molded holsters. This process combines a durable outer later with a low friction inner layer to create the ultimate duty holster. The injection molding process ensures that every part of every holster is durable and built from the ground up for your firearm. This time-tested process has been used on millions of our holsters since our injection molded holsters' inception in 2004.

T-Series Low Friction Interior

Low Friction Internal Material

The inside of all of our T-Series holsters are lined with a low friction internal material which allows for smooth and quite operation of the T-Series holster. This prevents damage to your firearm as well as allowing you to dictate the circumstances around drawing and holstering your firearm.

Mounting Options

T-Series Jacket Slot Belt Loop

T-Series Jacket Slot Belt Loop

The T-Series Jacket Slot Belt Loop is designed to attach to a duty belt and allow for a quick draw from a lower carrying height.

T-Series Quick Dual Release Belt Loop

T-Series Quick Dual Release Belt Loop

The T-Series Quick Dual Release Belt Loop is designed to quickly clip on and attach to any belt with two buttons.

T-Series Quick Detach

T-Series Quick Detach (QD2)

The T-Series QD2 is a duty rated interface that can be mounted to any T-Series platform to allow quick toolless changes.

T-Series Molle Adapter

T-Series Molle Adapter

The T-Series MOLLE Adapter offers an adjustable carry solution for MOLLE based applications, and facilitates rapid modularity by using the integrated T-Series QD2.

T-Seres 2-Slot Belt Loop

T-Series 2-Slot Belt Loop

The T-Series™ 2-Slot Slot Belt Loop provides a high-ride belt mount solution designed to tuck the grip of the weapon for increased concealment.

T-Series Jacket Slot Leg Strap Adapter

T-Series Jacket Slot Leg Strap Adapter

The T-Series Jacket Slot Leg Strap Adapter is a single 1.5" leg strap with elastic webbing that pivots with natural body mechanics of your hip, allowing for increased ergonomics and stability.

Tactical Holster Platform

Tactical Holster Platform

The Tactical Holster Platform is designed to provide drop leg compatibility with any of our injection molded OWB Holsters.

Micro Tactical Holster Platform

Micro Tactical Holster Platform

The Micro Tactical Holster Platform retains the benefits of a traditional drop-leg platform, but in a more compact package minimizing bulk and weight.


T-Series L2C Optics Cut

Optics Cut

The large optics cut on the front of the holster allows you to run any red dot sight, making it easier to acquire your target.

T-Series L2C Concealment and Duty Holster

Duty Rated & Concealable

The T-Series Level 2 Compact is the first duty strength holster that can be used as a concealment holster.

T-Series L2C Speed Cut

Speed Cut

The L2C features a speed cut on the holster which allows the barrel to be brought up sooner and the firearm to be funneled into the holster for rapid reholstering.